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Stakeholder Testimonials

The exterior wall insulation was consistently Grade I and the air sealing generally looked terrific.
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Marie Nisson

I would like to thank you all for the great performance that you have done so far on this project. This project has been the most successful project I have been associated with THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. We only started excavation 11 months ago. We are now starting our punch. This project has 347,000 square foot of residential wood frame, 14,000 square foot of retail, 270 units, 829 beds, and 551 baths. At this time we are tracking to complete this project 3 months ahead of schedule. Great job!!!
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Ron Asselin

Lead Superintendent Clark Builders Group, LLC
The job ran pretty smooth; Mike and you did a great job. I would definitely recommend Mito Insulation for any of our future jobs and to any other developers/contractors
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Larry Moser

Bozzuto Construction Company
No costs will be forwarded to Mito as you have been well represented at composite clean-up. With that said, we just wanted to thank you for your participation and ask that you keep up the good work. Thank you.
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Seamus McCullough

McCullough Construction LLC
I am sorry that Mito did not get this job; I was pushing as hard as I could to get you out here and I am VERY disappointed with the sub selection that was made.
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Superintendent, Clark Builders Group, LLC
Mike you come highly recommended and you are completing two projects for the same owner right now. The owner of those projects has hired me to complete this one so you have every opportunity to get this job.
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Andy Dripps

Project Manager Glen Arm Building Company, LLC
I wanted to thank you for the amount of detail you put into your proposal. I know the drawings are extremely poor, but your scope clarifications will help me get these issues addressed.
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Ashby Ponds

PM The Whiting Turner Contracting Company
Thank you. By the way, you guys have been doing a great job for us.
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Brian Craddock

Clark Builders Group, LLC
Mito Insulation, Inc and all their employees are to be congratulated for a job well done on a consistent basis. I would highly recommend this firm for any and all size insulation projects, their price and quality of work is second to none.
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Charles Terlizzi

Director of Preconstruction MCRT Northeast Construction, LLC, Division of Millcreek Residential Trust, LLC
I thought I would pass this comment from the Owner that the efforts of all in the Energy Star Program, especially in the insulation scope of work that you guys did a great job.
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Mike Callihan

Sr. Project Manager ProCon Incorporated
As you know, we designed and constructed Alta at Indian Woods to achieve ENERGY STAR version 2 certification. The results of the final duct and building testing came back early this year, and we achieved a weighted average HERS Score of 62, which theoretically means that we are 38% more efficient than baseline code. This is a very high level of improvement, and one that we achieved with diligent building envelope, duct sealing and a very high quality insulation installation.
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Adelaide Grady

VP of Development Wood Partners
Mike and Mito are a good quality subcontractor. This is my second project with them and I hope to work with them on many projects to come. They are one of my invisible subs. When I say that I mean that, as a PM, I do not hear much from the jobsite about them. This usually means they are performing well and indeed they do. Therefore, they are invisible. We have had some issues that required them to do extra work which they jumped on immediately. I don't think that I have ever had a Change Order from them for anything and they are timely with paperwork. I hope that this satisfies any questions you may have.
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Jeremy Bigelow

PM Various Projects
First and foremost we would like to thank you for your tremendous efforts at Rhode Island Avenue. We know this job has been a very difficult one and appreciate the perseverance your team has given. Thanks for closing this project out in a timely fashion and we look forward to working with you on our next venture.
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Brian Rennie

Assistant PM Bozzuto Construction Company
I wanted to thank you, your office and the men onsite for a job well done. They were very conscientious with the installation of the attic blown in and interior batt insulation. It will be a pleasure to work with your company in the future
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Mark Albertini

Site Manager Hamel Builders
Thank you very much for revising your proposal as quickly as you did. Your efforts are certainly making the process much easier for all of us. We will be reviewing the bids this month and will follow up within the coming weeks
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Estimator River Drive Construction Co, Inc
We are complete with the construction, specifically the insulation work, at Odenton Town Center. CBG Building Company, LLC would like to take a moment and reflect on MITO Insulation’s performance on Odenton Town Center. Your firm’s outstanding performance has not gone unnoticed. Without hesitation, your team has always accomplished the work laid out in front of it and has been able to pass all of our county close in inspections without a single delay. Awesome job! Recently, we negotiated four additional subcontract agreements with Mito Insulation squarely based on Mito’s performance on the Odenton project. Your first commitment to read and properly perform the entire scope of work is second to none! Your firm’s suggestions on the Elm Street Projects will help save ownership countless dollars from an energy cost and performance basis.
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Dan Hannon

Vice President Clark Builders Group, LLC
I like to refer to Mito Insulation as one of my invisible subs. You never hear a word about them from anyone!
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Rich Tomaski

Project Executive Hanover Brewers Hill
Really great job, not one complaint. From scheduling to install your company was top notch! Look forward to working with Mito on future "big wood" projects.
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Mike Malloy

Superintendent Patuxent Orchard Townhouses